Why is it so important to protect the environment?

They keep telling us that we should take better care of our environment by recycling more, consuming less, looking towards greener energy sources, and buying locally-sourced food.

But why?

Why should we be doing these things? Why does protecting our environment really matter?

Here are four compelling reasons.

#1. The earth (and therefore, the environment) is our home

This is the only planet we have. It’s where we get the air that we breathe, where we grow the food that we eat, where we lay our heads at night. It’s where we live, where we play and it’s where we learn.

And just like any other kind of home, it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

Protecting our environment will allow it to stay as beautiful and life-sustaining as today, and continue to provide the natural resources we need to thrive as human beings.

#2. A healthy environment helps us stay healthy

We need to protect our environment for the sake of our own health.

We need unpolluted air to breathe, clean water to drink, sanitary living conditions, and food which is as nourishing and toxin-free as possible to stay healthy.

If we don’t have access to these things, we’re highly likely to get sick, suffer from chronic health conditions like lung disease, gastrointestinal illnesses, reproductive problems, neurological disorders, become deficient in vital nutrients, or even die prematurely.

An ever-increasing amount of global pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, plastics and microplastics in the land and seas, over-farming, deforestation and poverty is making this more and more difficult.

#3. We want to leave a healthy planet to our children

Future generations have the right to enjoy the same green and beautiful planet that we enjoy today.

They deserve unpolluted oceans, lakes, streams and rivers. They deserve nutrient-rich soils where they can grow delicious foods. They deserve clean air they can breathe and a place where they can raise a family and grow old safely and happily.

But unless we start changing our consumer habits and moving towards protecting the environment, this is unlikely to happen. Instead they will inherit an earth which is scarred from the mistakes of generation gone by. Is that really fair?

#4. We need to prevent climate change getting any worse

Taking steps to protect our environment could help slow or even halt climate change.

You see, despite what some politicians try to tell us, climate change is real and it’s getting worse. Current carbon dioxide levels are higher than they’ve been in recorded history, floods and droughts are happening more frequently than ever before , and the last fifteen years have seen twelve of the hottest years on record.

And whilst it is normal for global temperatures to change, we’re now witnessing changes that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. These changes are caused primarily by one thing; our modern lifestyle.

But it’s not too late.

Take just one tiny step towards protecting the environment such as ditching single-use water bottles, plastic bags or plastic straws, recycling more, cycling to work or making other small habit changes. You can make a difference.

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