Our Materials

We aim to bring you as many alternatives to plastic as we can.


We love bamboo. It grows pesticide-free, self-regenerates when cut down, and some species can grow up to four feet per day. It takes only five years from seedling to mature plant so will be readily available for all future generations. It is therefore sustainable and biodegradable making it your perfect choice.


The earliest documented use of bamboo charcoal dates back to the Ming Dynasty. 5+ year old bamboo is roasted in an oven at 800 to 1200 °C until the bamboo blackens. This charcoal is an environmentally functional material that has superb absorbing properties. As it is a 100% natural product it is biodegradable.


Not biodegradable but a fantastic alternative to lots of disposable plastic that becomes waste. most notably straws. We use 304 food grade stainless steel so it is safe for you to use. It is recyclable so if you ever tire of your straws, stick them in the recycling bin and they will be reincarnated into something else. Stainless steel will not leech toxins or degrade, unlike plastic.


We have glass water bottles on the site. They are all made from shatterproof glass for safety and are of course recyclable and food safe.


Silicone is safe, reusable and a great alternative to many single use plastic items.